Over the past 20+ years a large number our clients wanted us to extend our services beyond just tax work and offer more comprehensive solutions to their overall financial situation.  In the best interest of our clients, we wanted to make  sure we as CPA’s continue to stay focused on what we do best which is tax planning and strategies, but also realizing there is more planning that most likely needs to be done, we have developed relationships with various trusted financial advisors that we  can consult to make sure our clients get what they want, a comprehensive plan.  The concerns that will be able to address for our clients include:


  • Comprehensive Wealth Management Solutions
  • Asset Protection and Insurance Planning
  1. Life, Disability, LTC
  2. Insurance Needs Analysis
  3. Policy Review and Audit
  4. Risk Assessment & Management
  • Business Planning
  1. 529 Plan
  • College Planning
  1. Investment Assessment, management and monitoring
  2. 401(k) investment planning
  3. Retirement Income Planning
  4. Pension & Qualified Plan Distribution
  5. IRA & Roth IRA
  • Retirement Planning
  • Estate Preservation & Planning
  1. Wills, Trusts, Estate Tax Minimization
  2. Multi-generational planning
  3. Special Needs Planning
  4. Charitable Giving

It’s important to look at your overall financial situation and develop a plan that will  meet your long term goals and objectives.


Out of Tax Season Hours:

Monday - Friday: 9AM - 3PM