Estate, Trust and Gift Tax Returns are highly specialized in nature, and not all tax preparers are equipped to handle them properly. At Roberts and Company PC, we have extensive experience preparing estate, trust and gift tax returns and are familiar with the unique issues and laws related to these complex areas. Our team boasts the expertise necessary to ensure that your estate, trust, and gift tax returns and are filed in an accurate and timely fashion.


Our firm is committed to helping you protect your assets, manage your wealth and achieve your business succession and wealth transfer goals. Our services facilitate the smooth transfer of assets to your beneficiaries while minimizing gift, estate and generation-skipping taxes.


In addition to preparing all federal tax returns including forms 706, 1041, and 709, we work in conjunction with various local attorneys and appraisers in a joint effort to accomplish the above goals.

Out of Tax Season Hours:

Monday - Friday: 9AM - 3PM